Switch Stance by M.E. Carter and Andrea Johnston // *New* Cover Reveal and Review

SwitchStance-AmazonI, Agnes Sylvester, a successful author known as Adeline Snow to the romance community, enjoy the simple things in life: watching the X Games with my childhood friend Todd; taking pictures of interesting buildings; and creating stories based on fantasies about my favorite skateboarder, Spencer Garrison. I’m known for my extreme sports stories, and as long as no one ever figures out he’s my muse, all is well.

But fate has never liked me and now that muse is standing in front of me. Asking me to sign a book.


“Extreme Sports Superstar” is the term the media has used to describe me over the years. I prefer to just be Spencer Garrison, a small-town guy who happens to ride a skateboard for a living and is known for philanthropy.

Nearing retirement, I’m focusing on my non-profit efforts and building a life outside of a professional athlete. My agent won’t let me retire in peace and consequently a talented and kindhearted woman stumbles her way into my life.

Sometimes happy endings aren’t written. They’re lived.

SS Teaser_New Cover
Book Nerd Kate’s Review: ☕☕☕☕☕ 
(From original release)
** spoiler alert ** What happens when two of your favorite authors combine two of your favorite series and create a crossover? You fall in love with the book.

Spencer, first seen in Andrea Johnston’s Country Road series meets Author Adeline Snow, who we met in M.E. Carter’s #mynewlife series and it is hilarious, and sweet, and a book nerd’s dream.
I most loved Adeline’s personality, clumsiness, and awkwardness. She was so relatable and sweet. Spencer was exactly the book boyfriend everyone hopes for. I also absolutely loved all of the mentions of book related events and processes such as the writing process as Adeline Snow struggles with writer’s block, the overall feel of going to a book signing, and the moment a reader is able to meet their favorite author. Absolutely loved this book. Bravo to both authors! 

Switch Stance Square

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