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Title: Everest
Author: S.L. Scott
Genre: Contemporary Romance/Romantic Suspense
Release Date: December 7, 2017



Six foot three. Dynamic green eyes. Utterly
Ethan Everest stole my breath the first time I saw him. He romanced me
with skill, dazzled me with his charisma, and proceeded to steal my heart right
I might have fallen for his easy going smile the first time we met, but I
fell for him the second time.
Honey-colored hair. Cherry-kissed lips. Captivatingly
Singer Davis was the first, and only, woman to ever intimidate me. She
spoke to my heart with her wit, seduced me with her eyes, and became the only
thing that made sense in a world that made none.
I let her slip through my fingers once. I won’t make that mistake twice.
Secrets broke us apart. Can a second chance bring us
back together?
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Slipping off my shoes, I dim the lights on the wall panel. I
take my clothes off and hang them on a hook near the door before returning to
the tub.
    The tub, warm and inviting as I step
in, eases my aching feet from my high heels and the tension in my shoulders. I
pour some of the bubble suds and giggle. That was so cute and showed me a whole
new side to Ethan—the at-home Texan who relates to his roots—instead of the
strong, quieter, broodier man I see sometimes.
    While the suds foam and the tub
fills, I look out the window. The sky is clear up here. The buildings are far
enough apart to avoid spying on neighbors. It’s like floating in heaven.
    I hear his knock on the door, so I
call, “Come in,” while making sure the bubbles cover all the important parts.
    Ethan walks in with two glasses of
champagne in one hand and the bottle in the other.
    “You came prepared,” I note, leaning
back on one side of the tub.
    “I thought I might join you.” He
waggles his eyebrows.
    I giggle and reach for a glass.
“Come on in,” I reply and wonder if he will really take me up on my dare.
    He sets the bottle and his glass
down on the side of the tub. His tie was removed before he came in and I notice
his shoes are long gone, along with his jacket. When he starts on the buttons
of his shirt, I sit up, scooping suds over me. “Wait, for real?”
    “Yep. I think that tub’s big enough
for the two of us.”
    “But you said you don’t take baths.”
    “I also said I’ve never used this
one. Seems like an opportune time.”
    “But I’m naked,” I say, worried
about everything—his body naked next to mine, not shaving my legs before I went
out tonight. My mind flickers through my flaws. Ugh. No. Just no. Not like
that. That stuff should be shared in the dark of a bedroom under the influence
of alcohol and desperate sex. We’re too sober for this. I’m too sober for this.
What does he possibly see in me when he has women like Nicolina waiting?
    He’s more than I’ve imagined, and in
some senses, it scares me. He’s the sort of man women like Nicolina land. For
once though, it was as if she saw me as competition. The feeling is
    “Like I said, seems like an
opportune time.”
    His shirt is dropped, his undershirt
following quickly behind. Good God Almighty. What does a guy who looks like
that see in me? “I see you like to work out.” I clear my throat and want to
bonk my head on the side of the tub for saying it out loud.
    Chuckling, he says, “I have a gym
down the hall. It’s how I relieve stress.”
    “I thought that’s what sex was for.”
I gasp and cover my mouth, wishing I could keep my crazy thoughts in my head
where they belong instead of on my tongue. His eyes are heavy, a smirky smirk
restraining a laugh. “God, you cannot let me talk when I’m nervous.”
    “If this is what happens when you’re
nervous, I’ll make you nervous more often.” His pants come down and my
curiosity is answered. Tonight he’s in boxers. When he catches my eyes on his
package, I’m thankful I’m wearing waterproof mascara because I immediately go
underwater. Screw my makeup. It’s really the only way to keep my mouth in check
at this point. I count to five and then pop back up. With my hands covering my
boobs, I ask, “You’re really coming in?”
    “Yes, scoot over.”
    Good God Almighty.
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Living in the capital of Texas with her family, Scott loves traveling and avocados, beaches, and cooking with her kids. She’s obsessed with epic romances and loves a good plot twist. Her favorite color is blue, but she likens it more toward the sky than the emotion. Her home is filled with the welcoming symbol of the pineapple and finds surfing a challenge though she likes to think she’s a pro.


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