Kelly Elliot’s Wanted World- Mercy By Andrea Johnston // Release & Review


Mercy by Andrea Johnston is one of ten Novellas written in the Wanted World set around the Wanted Series by Kelly Elliot.

Books in the Wanted World

The Wanted Series (7 Books) ~ Kelly Elliott

Another Round of Whiskey ~ S. Moose

Beyond the Lights ~ Casey Peeler

Blurred Lines ~ Nazarea Andrews

Church Bells ~ Jennifer Rebecca

City Girl ~ Kahlen Aymes

Everything I Needed ~ Ellie Wade

Found ~ Kristin Mayer

Adored ~ Georgia Cates

Mercy ~ Andrea Johnston

My Unexpected Cowboy ~ Kenzie Rose


Mercy and the other books in the Wanted World are now LIVE!

At eighteen years old, Mercy Warner packed up her little hatchback and set out for bigger and better things. Determined to put small town life behind her, Mercy had dreams – big cities and bright lights were her destiny.

Four years later, Mercy finds herself drawn to the small town of Mason, Texas. With strangers who embrace her like family and a local cowboy with dimples offering her happiness, it’s hard to resist what the town has to offer.

Will her dreams of living life under the bright lights of a big city overshadow the small-town life under the stars she’s drawn to?

Only Mercy has the answer.


Now available on Amazon and Free with Kindle Unlimited!!!

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All Wanted World Novellas:


Book Nerd Kate’s Review: ★★★★★

Mercy was the perfect light and quick HEA read. It was exactly what I needed after a stressful couple of weeks at work and feeling like I was in what us readers like to call a “book funk.” Johnston makes it so easy for the reader to feel as if they are standing right inside the small town of Mason. I wanted to visit Miss Maye’s diner, have a piece of pie, and chat during breakfast with the local residents. They all seemed so sweet and I instantly fell in love with the characters and the town! This book is so sweet, so romantic, and Shane is the most amazing and supportive book boyfriend! 


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