NYC Sights and Activities for Book Nerds

As Book Nerds, sometimes when we travel we are just too busy to read and sneak away to the book world the way we all wish we could. But SOMETIMES, we are able to incorporate our love of reading into our travels.

I spent the weekend in New York City with my boyfriend and was able to convince him to make a few stops along the way that are sure to help satisfy any Book Nerd’s desire to eat, sleep, and breathe books!

Here we are outside the New York Public Library.2174.jpg

I can’t tell you how many times I have walked past this during our trips, and even taken pictures outside of the building… but this was the first time we actually ventured inside, and let me tell you, it was incredible.

It smelled like books in there! I think it would be so amazing to sit in there and write, read, or do some research. What a beautiful building with an incredible history. Every Book Nerd should visit at least once!

Next stop was Strand Bookstore

Strand had books for all types of readers and so many bookish items. I couldn’t decide what to buy. There is an amazing Rare Book Section on the top floor with books that are extremely rare first editions. The really expensive ones are protected in glass cases, but the other rare books are just out on shelves and I was honestly afraid to breathe in there! Strand is an absolute MUST SEE for any book lover travelling to NYC!

If you can’t make it to the Strand Bookstore itself.. get your book fix by stopping by the Strand Book Stand at the entrance to Central Park. Central Park also has so many benches and places to sit on a nice sunny day to do some reading outside!


If you take the subway, be sure to keep your eyes open for books left by authors and readers with this sticker on them. Books on the Subway is a fun way to discover new books and to allow others to read the book when you are done. They are on Instagram if you want to see books that have recently been “dropped” or to request stickers of your own so you can join the fun of hiding books all around the city.1298

The High Line is a great place for readers. Chris and I walked the length of the path and saw about a dozen people just relaxing on a bench with a book. It is a great way to get a little bit of sunshine when the air is a little bit cooler and it is too chilly to be in the shade of the buildings. There are plants growing along the path and benches and lounge chairs line the entire length of the High Line, providing plenty of places to relax and read a few chapters.

There just wasn’t enough time to explore all the book-related sights in the city. I hope during my next trip to explore some of the smaller bookstores and find new places to read. If you ever travel to NYC, be sure to check these spots out!

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